Dress Down


This is the first time I’ve worn dress pants to school, and I expected people to say “Wait, what are you doing?” As soon as I saw these pants, I knew I wanted them to try something new. When I got to school, I was afraid but as soon as I saw myself in the mirror, I realized that I enjoyed creating a different outfit.


Yes, I just wore different pants but I felt that the moment I put on these pants was more symbolic. I don’t like trying new foods, and I don’t like going to new places; I like familiarity. However, nowadays I dwell in unfamiliarity.


I’ve matured, but my behavior speaks otherwise- which is the meaning behind this outfit. The pants symbolize my growth and my maturity, while the hoodie and Stan Smiths symbolize my teenage-like behaviors.

A far-fetched connection.


Hoodie// Adidas

Pants// H&M

Shoes// Stan Smiths


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    1. stutitiwari says:

      Thank you!!


    1. stutitiwari says:

      thank you!!


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