One of my favorite parts of Washington D.C is Georgetown- a bustling town with great food and great clothing stores. The first place I visited was Georgetown cupcake. Even though they have a store in New York, I never visited and I’ve heard many positive reviews.


I can add to those reviews because the cupcakes were absolutely delicious.


After enjoying the cupcakes, I dragged my parents to M street. M street is a great high-end place to shop because of the plethora of boutiques.


I wore a mauve turtleneck with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

After eating at a local pizzeria, I went to a park in Washington D.C. which was next to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. People in Washington D.C. were very put together and I found three girls who looked laid back but well dressed.


Asking them for a picture was a daunting task, but they were hilarious and they joked about being hungover. Certain nuances were interesting about each outfit; the girl on the right wore brown booties with a beanie- something not many people do. Booties are normally worn with blouses (a feminine outfit), so the way she wore them was something different and I wanted to show that on this blog. The girl in the middle had a classic all black outfit with a velvet oversized bomber. The scarf and the red lip added some color to the outfit, making it stylish and chic. The girl on the left wore a colorful scarf with a burnt orange sweater and some white converse, which drew attention to her leather jacket with fringe since it was the only dark aspect of the outfit.


My last visit was the National Christmas Tree and it was beautiful.



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