I recently purchased the Canon Rebel T6, and I bought it to take pictures for this blog. I’m super excited to use it to continue post others’ outfits. The only downside is that I won’t be taking my camera to school every day, but I’ll make sure to try to post on a schedule….


“What does fashion mean to you?” “Fashion is an outlet for me that shows how i’m feeling. If I’m significantly happier one day, I express that emotion by wearing something nice, but on any other average day I end up wearing something average.” – Savit Joshi Sweater// H&M Jeans// Hollister Shoes// Call it Spring

Brown Boots

“When you go shopping, how do you choose¬†the¬†clothes you buy?” “I pick clothes that catch my eye, and I lean towards basics yet chic apparel.I like fall clothing because it’s a time when I get to wear comfortable and warm clothing with dark and flattering colors.”- Olivia Coronacion Shirt// Abercrombie Sweater// Zara Jeans// Abercrombie Boots//…

Over the Knee

“How do you get inspiration for your outfits?” “I look through magazines to see what’s trending and what I like. I also get inspiration by looking at other people’s outfits.” – Chloe Ling Skirt// Forever 21 Boots// Lord and Taylor Shirt// Nordstrom