White Jeans

I like to throw on white jeans to make outfits stands out rather than wearing bright colors to keep the outfit simple, yet not make it your classic “blue-jean” outfit. – Meenu Pillai

A perfect piece for the summer, white jeans can compliment chambray shirts, stripes, warm tones and cool tones. A pair of white jeans is a fun alternative to blue jeans, and distressed white jeans can add texture to a simple outfit. In this outfit, Meenu wore a red shirt from LOFT and added a watch from Nordstrom to add a sophisticated tone to the outfit. She completed her outfit with a pair of sandals from Urban Outfitters. She cuffed her frayed jeans which draws attention to her sandals.

On the left, Kendall keeps the outfit basic with a pair of slip ons, a crop top and a denim jacket. This creates a simple outfit to go out for errands on a casual summer day. Bella, on the other hand, succeeds in her goal of achieving a daring outfit. She pairs her distressed white jeans with a white tank top to create a dramatic look with a pop of the color white.

White jeans satisfy two ends of the fashion spectrum, easily worn in a casual or daring outfit. Fashion is about comfort, as well as going out of your comfort zone.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring others to give inspiration to those who are struggling to find their personal style. Personal style is a vague term, but it refers to knowing what makes you look the best and feel the best. Certain styles attract certain people and exposure to new trends can assist with the creation of new outfits.


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