Off the wall

Establishing personal style is a very difficult thing to do, since many trends that were popular a year ago are becoming obsolete in the fashion industry. As we grow older, our tastes change and so do the trends, and by observing fashion icons we make many fashion related decisions. Recently, bomber jackets are becoming a statement in any street-style outfit. Layering always enhances the outfit and is a great way to create the impression that more thought was put into an outfit than just wearing a t-shirt and jeans.


By pairing the bomber jacket with a pair of leggings and sneakers, attention is drawn towards the puffy bomber jacket which adds definition and character to the outfit.

bella hadid new york city street style 1.jpg

A bomber jacket can add color to a simple outfit, especially ones that are embroidered. Many bomber jackets are personalized by adding patches and embroideries which make the statement stand out. It’s like a tattoo for your clothes, and it’s an easy way to create your personal style.

Shan Jiang, one of my friends, wore a simple but impressive street-style outfit. His bomber jacket is from Bullhead, found in Pacsun. His dark blue chinos are from Pacsun and his gray t-shirt from OBEY. To complete the look, he wore a pair of vans sk8-hi ensuring that the focus of his outfit was the bomber jacket. He styled his clothes in a pastel palette since pastel clothing is a stylistic trend that has made its way in 2016.


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