How do you get inspiration for your outfits? I look through different magazines and social media accounts to find out the latest trends. I make sure to put my own creative twist on every outfit I wear to make sure it represents me. Where did you get your jacket from? My uncle gave it to…

Dress Down

This is the first time I’ve worn dress pants to school, and I expected people to say “Wait, what are you doing?” As soon as I saw these pants, I knew I wanted them to try something new. When I got to school, I was afraid but as soon as I saw myself in the…


“Was there an event or something that you saw which began your interest in fashion?” “After scrolling through tumblr, I began to develop a love for aesthetic and particularly in fashion. At first I would wonder why people would take the time to dress up just for a picture, but later I realized that it’s…


One of my favorite parts of Washington D.C is Georgetown- a bustling town with great food and great clothing stores. The first place I visited was Georgetown cupcake. Even though they have a store in New York, I never visited and I’ve heard many positive reviews. I can add to those reviews because the cupcakes…


“How do you describe your personal style? How do you choose what you want to buy?” “I mix my style from menswear to street wear depending on the day or occasion. I buy whatever catches my eye, it doesn’t matter if I think someone’s not going to like it- if I like it I go…


  I recently purchased the Canon Rebel T6, and I bought it to take pictures for this blog. I’m super excited to use it to continue post others’ outfits. The only downside is that I won’t be taking my camera to school every day, but I’ll make sure to try to post on a schedule….


“What does fashion mean to you?” “Fashion is an outlet for me that shows how i’m feeling. If I’m significantly happier one day, I express that emotion by wearing something nice, but on any other average day I end up wearing something average.” – Savit Joshi Sweater// H&M Jeans// Hollister Shoes// Call it Spring

Brown Boots

“When you go shopping, how do you choose¬†the¬†clothes you buy?” “I pick clothes that catch my eye, and I lean towards basics yet chic apparel.I like fall clothing because it’s a time when I get to wear comfortable and warm clothing with dark and flattering colors.”- Olivia Coronacion Shirt// Abercrombie Sweater// Zara Jeans// Abercrombie Boots//…

Over the Knee

“How do you get inspiration for your outfits?” “I look through magazines to see what’s trending and what I like. I also get inspiration by looking at other people’s outfits.” – Chloe Ling Skirt// Forever 21 Boots// Lord and Taylor Shirt// Nordstrom

Sock not with sandal

Shoes// Adidas Stan Smiths Dress// Forever 21 Socks// H&M Baseball cap// Brandy Melville