Asymmetrical hems, flared bottoms, and straight legged jeans are the new skinny jean. In 2015, the skinny jean became the most popular style, and everyone gravitated towards the tight-fitting look. 2017 has been the year of not using denim as a staple, but using it as a statement. Re/done jeans has become very popular for its vintage Levis, causing the rise of structured denim compared to the jegging. To shop these variations, Urban Outfitters, Madewell and Revolve provide affordable options.


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Black booties and stilettos came across a new competitor: sock booties and kitten heels. The Balenciaga sock booties have inspired many affordable knockoffs, and these shoes are renowned for their silhouette- sock-like fit around the ankle and hitting below the lower calf.

Once popularized by Audrey Hepburn, the kitten heel is back and the style is thriving. Not only do we see celebrities opting for the comfort of the short heel, but we also see the  influence of the kitten heel on the runway. It has regained its popularity because of Mary Kate and Ashley’s brand, The Row. This shoe has also inspired many knockoffs, such as Dior and affordable ones can be found at stores like Topshop and Nordstrom.


Popular Prints and Androgynous Styles

In 2017, the love for gingham and check print resurfaced. Gingham has been really popular for blouses and skirts, and in 2017 it became an important print in feminine clothing. It brought back memories of picnics and simpler times, and the elaborate blouses were traded for the simplicity of the print.


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The check print has led to many new androgynous styles by making its way to trousers and blazers. This year, women in fashion have been experimenting by juxtaposing feminine pieces with masculine ones. This print allows versatility since a check blazer can be dressed up or down. This goes for trousers as well since this year they were seen with sneakers, mules, and heels.


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I loved working on the blog, but I never found any time to make it look the way I wanted to. Now that I have more time on my hands, I would like to post more about trends, more of my outfits and showcase more people who inspire me every day. The Blog menu will have posts about other people and trends while the Looks menu will be a portfolio of my outfits. 2018 will be a good year for sockwithsandal.